Which high street brands failed this Black Friday?

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 27 November 2018


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday finally over, UK consumers are expected to have spent just under £8 billion in sales with millions of bargain hunters choosing to do their shopping online. So, what went wrong and why did some companies lose out?

If your one of the brave souls who chose to tackle the cold air and heavy crowds of the high street to grab that bargain deal during the Black Friday weekend, then it’s likely that you were one of the lucky ones.

This year more websites collapsed and failed in the UK than ever. With sites either crashing or malfunctioning, endless digital queues formed and bugs prevented customers from checking out. But it’s not just bad news for the customers, brands also missed out of millions of sales as users abandoned sites to shop elsewhere.

 Both Game.com and Debenhams encountered troubles again this year, showing a lack of progress after their Black Friday failures in 2017, as shoppers were ‘locked out’ of sites, despite sales starting early. One shopper on the Game website tweeted a snap shot showing that he was number 107579 in the online queue and he wasn’t alone. Hundred of customers vented their frustrations on social media, as sites failed to prepare for the sudden burst in traffic.

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

This year even retail giants such as John Lewis posted apologies as they failed to prepare for the sales, with American brand J. Crew missing out on a massive £54,000 in sales due to technical issues, preventing customers from logging in and checking out carts.

In the UK, it’s no secret that well-known brands are struggling to make a profit as the future of the high street looks bleak. Many hoped that the Black Friday sales would work their magic and drastically change their fate. However, as brands such as Debenhams face store closures, website maintenance and testing has been forgotten. It's common knowledge in the testing community that website examination could have saved many of these brands from experiencing site crashes, saving them hundreds of lost sales.

The future is uncertain for high street brands, as they continue to neglect their sites and who knows if they will be around next year to learn from their mistakes.

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