Use Software Testing & the Three R’s to Attract Consumers

Posted by bugfinders on Monday 6 March 2017

Why use Software Testing?

When consumers have a good choice of retail venues to choose from, then they can be picky. A Retail company can stand out from the crowd by their reputation, often that is down to the quality of the product. Software testing plays a big part in the outcome of the quality of a product.

Understanding consumer behaviour is the key to online conversions and business success for any online retailer. Having knowledge of what makes your audience convert gives you answers to some of the big brand questions your brand has when planning activities such as personalisation placement, activating new product launches and media campaigns. 

What are the Three R’s?

A combination of the three R’s – Research, Returns and Recommendations could be the answer to your customer journey and conversion confusion.


The proliferation of digital technology is giving consumers access to unprecedented amounts of product information. Not only is more information available, but consumers are also increasingly accessing this information and doing their own “homework” on multiple devices before visiting retailers’ to make their chosen purchase.

In 2015, a Deloitte study found that digital data had influenced 49% of consumers before they made an in-store purchase, and analysts expect this proportion to grow to 64% in 2016. The ever-expanding device market is making online retailers jobs harder with ¼ of web searches now made up by mobile searches. The key to success to keep up with the ever-growing digital landscape is to ensure that your website provides a seamless customer experience to all who wish to purchase from you, whether that be online or offline.

In a recent report by Altimeter, the state of digital transformation 2016 reports a mere 20% of digital transformation leaders are studying the mobile customer journey and are designing for real-time digital rich “micro-moments” in addition to ongoing customer journey work.


Organisations that focus on customer experience see a better financial performance and more satisfied customers than competitors. In recent years, organisations have invested millions in digital transformation programs.

Most have not obtained the Return on Investment they were promised, simply because their digital properties do not perform as they were designed to do. The main reason for this is chronic under investment in testing the websites or mobile apps.

The 2016 report by Altimeter went on to mention that 69% of organisations lack data or ROI reporting further justify digital transformations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pin-point and highlight areas of your website where the customer journey was becoming blocked, and issues were occurring, stopping a conversion through to payment or even enticing the user into your showroom or store?

BugFinders’ Be BetterCrowdsourced Conversions Accelerator is a software testing solution could be the secret answer unearthing these conversion issues for your website.


From SEO, A/B testing, personalisation and marketing automation, businesses spend vast sums of money trying to improve their eCommerce conversion rates. It is hard to make recommendations when you don’t truly know what the crux of the either drop in conversions is across your website.

Organisations should look to data, customer behaviour and journey paths to inform and lead change, which puts customer experience at the heart of accelerating digital transformation initiatives.

It can be difficult to do this without knowing how to gather this data from your ideal customer profile. The only way to ensure your web presence works seamlessly with the advances in customer behaviour is to ensure they are rigorously and regularly tested and recommendations are made by real users for optimisation across your website. 

BugFinders’ Be Better delivers monthly tests to ensure your applications continue to perform and your organisation keeps pace with device advancements.

Be Better is the quickest and simplest way for a brand to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and online revenues through software testing. A relatively small percentage increase in conversion rates can add vast amounts of revenue to the bottom line. 

To learn more how Software Testing can make your products better quality, please get in touch with our Solutions Consultants.