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Website re-brand launch

Posted by Rachel.Wilson on Friday 08 July 2016

Every organisation goes through a period of evolution. This evolution can consist of a number of things incorporating the brand as well as the product offering, enabling the brand to keep pace with demand as well as market trends.

For this reason, we decided to re-brand and categorise our Crowdsourced offering due to 4 key factors:


Market Relevance

We are a big believer that brands need to stay relevant to their target market, to keep up with the times and keep pace with changing customer needs, for example; services, accessibility, convenience, choice, changing trends and technology. A brand that has become old-fashioned in the eyes of its audience is in danger of stagnation if not already in a state of erosion and loss of market share. Arguably our previous brand was not in line with our enterprise offering or our customers experiences, hence the change.


Increased Market Offering

Our brand has grown from humble beginnings since the founders Martin & Donna Mudge set out to create a one-stop, Crowdsourced Testing organisation many years ago. Crowdsourced Testing is one thing. However, BugFinders provides Crowd-delivered Testing reaching the TRUE power of the crowd. This has propositioned BugFinders as one of the world’s leading Crowdsourced Testing organisations. Working with Donna and Martin, the BugFinders team are committed to their customers – our values focus on the customer, ensuring that they have the delivery that they need.



As we have expanded, we have had a global increase in demand for our services. We felt that the re-brand was required simply because of our globalisation, as we have grown across multiple markets and territories, our brand was not reigniting with our audience in EMEA. The new brand now provides what we feel our customers need and want in different market sectors.


Enterprise Reputation & Innovation

Being no. 2 in the global Crowdsourced Testing arena, it was vital that our brand matched our offering. As we started to deal with more and more enterprise level engagements, we realised we had outgrown the iconic pacman bug many years ago and so felt the re-brand was required.

Working within the technology arena we see technology is constantly evolving and the rate of change is often exponential.  Being a brand operating within this technology arena we thought it was only natural for a change that truly represents our quality and enterprise offering.


So to summarise, we hope you like the new look and feel! Have your say by completing our brand survey, once completed you will be automatically entered into a prize draw for a trip to Barcelona for two.

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