Digital fortune telling for 2019

Posted by Amy Montague on Friday 7 December 2018


2018 has been the year of advanced technological development, as businesses begin to test out beta versions of applications and lay the ground work for 2019s trends. So, what can we expect from 2019?

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Mobile Banking Paranoia

Posted by Amy Montague on Thursday 29 November 2018


With more than half of us choosing to do our banking online and 90% of us preferring mobile banking apps to physical banks, the way we bank and manage our money is drastically changing.

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Are you ready to see sales drop after re-platforming?

Posted by Amy Montague on Friday 23 November 2018


So, you’ve decided to re-platform and the changes are already underway. Most likely you have chosen an external digital agency to undergo the whole process while you wait to reap in the benefits. But is it all sunshine and rainbows at the end of it all?

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Move your web and app testing strategy out of the dark ages

Posted by Dan Berry on Wednesday 15 August 2018


Many hundreds of years ago – smacking a hammer against a tablet to check its integrity, might have been enough. Since then, tablets have become slightly more complicated.

By adhering to our five web testing strategy principles, we believe you can implement a web testing strategy that is effective, thorough and fast. Helping you revolutionise your web testing strategy and take it out of the dark ages.

#1 Beware of browser blindness

#2 Don’t let testers use vanilla devices

#3 Embrace scale and speed

#4 Consider quality over quantity

#5 Conduct regular testing after launch

You are reading this blog – so I am guessing it might feature on your list – but this is a sentiment I am sure you can appreciate.

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