Why people shopping different is a problem for ecommerce

Posted by bugfinders on Monday 8 May 2017

It’s the year 2017 and everybody across the world is shopping differently; times have changed, people no longer work the ‘standard’ 9 ‘til 5, most are glued to their mobile devices and tablets, and ecommerce companies are finding themselves facing new challenges in having to cater for new online shopping advancements. Globally, the mobile device market is rapidly increasing, where the demand is at its highest for smartphones and tablets that can be used for online shopping. Tablets are the second most used mobile device, in particular in North America and Western Europe. The demand that has penetrated a large portion of the global online population; in 2015 alone, more than 1 billion smartphone units were sold. Not just solely used for online shopping, mobile devices are becoming a shopping tool in their own right; used for comparing prices at home or in-store, checking product ranges, and obtaining discounts to use pre-purchase.

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Understanding the language of ecommerce & software testing

Posted by bugfinders on Thursday 23 February 2017

Are you aware you can obtain customer feedback through software testing before going live with your e-commerce site? Recently, there have been some amazing innovations in online translation, claiming that Smartphone users are now able to translate most of the language they come across into English, or whatever language they happen to need.

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