Painless Re-Platforming: Your quick guide to a painless ecommerce re-platforming

Posted by Amy Montague on Monday 10 December 2018


During the next 12-18 months, a massive 3 out of 4 major businesses plan to switch content or change ecommerce platforms. So why is this change happening? To put it simply, users expect change to happen and it’s a company’s responsibility to stay on top of user expectations. As programs continue to develop, users expect more from their favoured websites and this often means trends become quickly outdated, or ahead of the curve programs become too expensive to maintain. Thus, re-platforming begins.

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Topics: Conversions, websitetesting, replatforming

Are you ready to see sales drop after re-platforming?

Posted by Amy Montague on Friday 23 November 2018


So, you’ve decided to re-platform and the changes are already underway. Most likely you have chosen an external digital agency to undergo the whole process while you wait to reap in the benefits. But is it all sunshine and rainbows at the end of it all?

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Topics: Strategy, issues, ecommerce, UX, mCommerce, security, digital trends, replatforming