Why isn't my conversion rate increasing?

Posted by Amy Montague on Wednesday 12 December 2018


You’ve tried everything from SEO to A/B testing and marketing automation, but still you aren’t seeing the conversion rates you want, so you give in and settle for less. However, fear not all your conversion issues shall be fixed in this short blog post.

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Digital fortune telling for 2019

Posted by Amy Montague on Friday 7 December 2018


2018 has been the year of advanced technological development, as businesses begin to test out beta versions of applications and lay the ground work for 2019s trends. So, what can we expect from 2019?

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How does mobile optimisation give you the competitive edge?

Posted by Amy Montague on Monday 3 December 2018


Mobile optimisation is adapting your site's design, structure, page speed, and conversions to make it accessible across a range of devices. Doing so results in customers being able to perform conversions across a range of mobile devices, increasing your revenue and maintaining a level of communication between you and your users. In general, mobile optimisation on ecommerce sites caters largely for the millennial and generation Z audience, as they spend more time online and utilising mobile software for work and recreational tasks. Failure to optimise your website can result in high device bounce rates, abandoned carts and a loss of loyal customers as they choose to shop elsewhere for convenience. 

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Mobile Banking Paranoia

Posted by Amy Montague on Thursday 29 November 2018


With more than half of us choosing to do our banking online and 90% of us preferring mobile banking apps to physical banks, the way we bank and manage our money is drastically changing.

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The year of progressive web apps

Posted by Amy Montague on Wednesday 28 November 2018


Unless, you are an app developer or a google news addict, it’s likely that you won’t know what progressive web apps (PWA) are or why they were forecasted as the digital trend of 2018. So, here’s a quick rundown of what PWAs are and how they are developing in 2018 - 2019.

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Mobile rules the world

Posted by Amy Montague on Wednesday 14 November 2018


Mobiles rule the world with 3.5 billion active smart phones worldwide. Take that statistic in, 3.5 billion. That’s the same number as just under half of the global population and the market has only been around for 20 or so years. Breaking this number down, 1.3 billion or 25% of the market is run by the Apple operating system with the remaining 75% being android. In fact, smartphones and tablets have dominated the technology market with a sales of 68 million during 2006 to a massive 1, 729 million per year in 2016.

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Website Wars 2018 - Why average is not good enough

Posted by Dan Berry on Thursday 12 July 2018


The following blog is an excerpt from our recently released report 'Website Wars 2018 - Web & Mobile Conversion Quality Index'.

We work with hundreds of Europe’s most successful retailers, helping them to:

  • Improve online customer engagement
  • Protect their brand
  • Grow their online presence
  • Increase conversion rates

Retailers are highly sensitive to the smallest drops in sales performance and are fanatical about fixing the causes. Since 2012, we have witnessed significant drops in digital online experience quality. This can have an impact on share price, and cause distress amongst e-commerce managers.

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