Why providing a quality digital experience matters

Posted by Gavin Everitt on Tuesday 16 October 2018
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Delivering high-quality projects when competing against an ever-expanding digital landscape.

Data from the Office of National Statistics showed that by 2018, 95% of UK adults will be internet usersThis new audience will be using ground-breaking devices complete with innovative software that’s constantly evolving to deliver innovative digital experiences across an array of platforms. 

On top of this, 75% of major businesses are planning to switch ecommerce platforms within 12-18 months (Salmon, 2017).

For digital agencies, trying to keep up with the pace of change and growing demand for their services is proving challenging.  Organisations and their shareholders expect a frictionless digital experience with a focus on critical measurements like customer conversion, revenue growth and retention; they all want a piece of the ecommerce pie that is estimated to hit an incredible $4 trillion by 2020 (eMarketer 2016).

Consequently, the need to deliver quality assurance has never been higher.  Too frequently we hear of brand reputations being damaged and hitting the headlines due to poor online experiences or worse.

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The reality is that quality assurance (QA) spend is not keeping up the pace and even with the best intentions, it's virtually impossible for a typical digital agency to meet the expected device coverage requirements, as well as the testing time and hiring costs required.  In-house testing for a typical project where Developers test their own code and Project/Account Managers test the 'happy path', delivers low QA; employing contractors, leads to tens of thousands in additional costs and that is without the cost of buying in every device for testing purposes.

However, providing a quality and fluid digital experience matters.  Recently, the Google Play team took a sample of apps and analysed the correlation between app quality and business success.

When app performance moved from average to good quality, Google Play saw an amazing six-fold spend increase and even better, a phenomenal seven-fold retention increase

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It is clear to see how maintained performance quality across all devices can positively affect your company's growth and audience retention. But for smaller business who do not have the money or time to perform extensive testing, these results appear impossible and most become complacent with average results. 

Advancements in crowdsourced testing

In response to this need for QA software testing that is accessible by smaller companies, advancements in crowdsourced testing, primarily driven by BugFinders, has developed rapidly. Challenging the way digital agencies look at QA and providing models that utilise on-demand work with over 55,000 global testers, Delivering QA quickly and precisely, providing 99% device, browser and operating system coverage. 

Addressing QA through visual, and rich categorised online reporting, providing granular detail on issues found and enabling agency developers to focus on what needs immediate attention to ensure a finished high-quality project. Using real-world testers gives agencies truly valuable insights on potential conversion blockers, which are affecting conversions and retention.

Ironing out the issues

Audi's National Digital Manager, Anthony Roberts, advocates an emphasis on high-quality testing for websites and apps, through BugFinders

Along with Superdry who saw a 40% increase in online sales after identifying conversion blockers.  Likewise, LV insurance's smartphone engagement and conversion increased by 89% after a usability assessment and Great Eastern Energy saw a 16% decrease in bounce rates.

Being at the forefront of digital performance means delivering the best creative solutions to take advantage of the innovations coming online now and in the near future while, staying on top of the industry with a competitive edge. 

Visit the partnerships area here to find out how BugFinders could speed up time to market for your customers.


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