The digital agency challenge

Posted by Mark Tennant on Wednesday 28 June 2017

Delivering High Quality Projects when competing against an ever-expanding digital landscape

It’s an amazing time to be a digital agency.  There is a huge opportunity for agencies, as many of their customers are striving to present the best digital experience to their own customers. Added to that, the percentage of the population consuming content from the internet also continues to grow. Data from the Office of National Statistics show that by 2018, 95% of UK adults will be internet users. 

This new audience will be using ground-breaking new devices coming to market to join the growing numbers of mobile devices already available…. complete with smart innovative software that’s constantly evolving to deliver new digital experiences across an array of platforms.

And the icing on the opportunity is that brand new research indicates that 3 out of 4 major businesses are planning to switch ecommerce platforms within 12-18 months (Salmon, 2017).Agency Graph v2.png

For digital agencies, these opportunities bring many challenges. Primarily trying to keep up with the pace of change and demand for their services.  Organisations and their shareholders are expecting the best frictionless digital experiences to increase revenues and customer retention, and they all want a piece of the ecommerce pie that is estimated to hit an incredible $4 trillion by 2020 (eMarketer 2016).

With this massive opportunity, the need to deliver quality assurance has never been higher.  Too many times we hear of brand reputations being damaged and news headlines being made due to poor online experiences or worse, security flaws.

However, the reality is that QA spend is not keeping up the pace, and even with the best intentions it's virtually impossible for a typical digital agency to meet the expected device coverage requirements as well as the testing time and the huge hiring costs required.  In house testing for a typical project of 100+ testers, 50+ security testers can potentially cost over £9m per annum and that is before the cost of buying in every device is factored into the testing.

Step in a UK based crowdsourced software testing company called BugFinders. They are challenging the way digital agencies look at QA and provide a model that utilises on demand, a global community of 55,000 certified, real world testers.  The scale means that digital agencies working with BugFinders can deliver QA at an incredible speed; typically achieving 90 working days of testing in 72 hours.  The challenge of device coverage disappears as the scale of the testing community means that BugFinders can provide near 100% device, browser and operating system coverage per project.

Providing 90 days of testing in a short space of time could prove to be a challenge though.  How would an agency cope with the amount of reporting that may potentially come through the test project?

This is addressed by BugFinders through visual, and rich categorised online reporting, providing granular detail on issues found…enabling agency developers to focus on what needs immediate attention to ensure a finished high-quality project.

Ensuring quality experiences really matters.  The Google Play team took a sample of apps and analysed the correlation between app quality and business success. The Digital Agency Challenge V2.jpg When apps move from average to good quality, Google saw an amazing six-fold increase in spend and even better, a phenomenal seven-fold increase in retention. 

As well as their community of testers, BugFinders have over a million users across the globe that can be called upon to deliver usability assessments, giving agencies truly valuable insights from real world testers on potential conversion blockers.

Audi are just one of the many companies that guarantee the quality of their website and apps through BugFinders, according to their National Digital Manager, Anthony Roberts

Superdry saw a 40% increase in online sales after working with BugFinders to identify conversion blockers.  LV insurance are also seeing the benefits of working with our testing community; their smartphone engagement and conversion increased 89% after our usability assessment.  Likewise, Great Eastern Energy saw a 16% decrease in bounce rates.

Working with BugFinders, means that digital agencies can get on with the job they do best. Being at the forefront of digital intervention ensuring they are delivering the best creative solutions to take advantage of the innovations coming online now and in the near future.

BugFinders work with many digital agencies, to help agencies focus on keeping their competitive edge. 

Visit the partnerships area here to find out how BugFinders could speed up time to market for your customers.