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When did you last re-platform your eCommerce site?

Posted by bugfinders on Saturday 14 May 2016

eCommerce and online technology is advancing at a startling rate. These advances are posing new and upcoming challenges for online retailers from every breed in particular those who want to keep up with customer expectations and gain a competitive edge.

Working within the eCommerce arena, you will only know too well that consumers are demanding faster and more engaging shopping experiences from website SKU to fulfilment. If your site or app does not deliver a useful and consistent multichannel experience, you will find that your customers will eventually go elsewhere to meet their needs.

Managing upgrades and revamps across your software and eCommerce websites and mobile apps is becoming increasingly more difficult to manage.

Have you considered the best way and how to go about handling these revamps and upgrades across your site?

Discover the 4 imperatives to succeed in your next site re-platforming project:

Integrate or give up

In the age of agile eCommerce, consumers interact with enterprises across a multitude of touchpoints extending far beyond the traditional notion of a website. As they demand more sophisticated access to content and services in a way that is frictionless, social, and everywhere, the eCommerce platform must shift from being a monolithic application that provides functionality across the entire spectrum of customer experience to being an agile, easily-integrated hub that provides stable, high performance shopping and transaction features to an infinitely expanding universe of channels and touchpoints. Because these channels may be accessed anywhere, for a growing range of purposes the functionality provided by the commerce ecosystem is now affected, and is affected by, almost every department in the enterprise space. This means that re-platforming projects can no longer be placed in a silo and managed by a single group within the organization. The level of effort, risk, and divisional cooperation involved in re-platforming calls for a dedicated, highly technical team with both a singular focus and a mandate from the highest executive levels.

Keep everyone involved

An “Integration first” approach is the way forward! It should be clear that the prioritised objectives of the re-platforming project do not fall completely in the realm of any one department within the enterprise space. In many cases, specific goals may be irrelevant, unimportant, or detrimental in the short term for a given group, so the risk of project sabotage or covert reprioritisation is often high in re-platforming projects. The successful execution of these relatively high-risk initiatives requires diligent interdepartmental coordination, diplomacy, and executive involvement at the highest levels. Throughout the life cycle of the project, a unified and consistent message regarding goals and progress must be communicated both internally and externally, which frequently does not happen when the re-platform is delegated entirely to a single department.

Simple is sometimes best

Don’t neglect your basic eCommerce infrastructure, a re-platforming initiative often provides an opportunity for business stakeholders to inundate the project team with lists of desired features that are often highly tactical. While these business drivers are an important part of the overall roadmap, their perceived urgency often drowns out more technical or strategic goals with ROIs that are equally impressive, but harder to articulate.

Never underestimate the impact of your actions

Observe and understand every facet of your existing platform. As eCommerce software evolved from sales enabler to integration hub, the sheer number of technical and business processes that have grown dependent on it, has climbed sharply. Take out an existing application almost always has far-reaching and unexpected impacts throughout the enterprise, from finance to operations. Many re-platforming projects have been significantly delayed, or even completely derailed, when it was discovered too late that an undocumented backdoor or hack in the old software was being used to perform a critical business function, and the trick could not be replicated in the new application. Before moving on to vendor evaluation and selection, make sure that you fully appreciate exactly how your commerce ecosystem is being leveraged by every user.

BugFinders can help you with and after re-platforming here, by mitigating risk because we ensure that any functional, usability, localisation, design and structural changes to the system have minimal impact after the platform changeover date.

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