Key Findings from our Website Wars Report

Posted by Dan Berry on Tuesday 24 July 2018
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The UK's leading high-street based e-commerce companies were selected for our Website Wars 2018 report. The brands include the leading players in fashion, hardware and food retail.

Our report was painstakingly generated with the BugFinders global testing community and has a simple structure based upon 3 simple questions:

  • What critical issues are on the site or app?
    What conversion issues are on the site or app?
    What customer experience issues are on the site or app?

BugFinders has a proven track record with their existing customers by dramatically increasing conversion revenues by carefully analysing and resolving conversion and CX issues identified by the BugFinders community.

Below are the key findings from our report - you can download the full report here or get a preview on our SlideShare below.

Supermarkets are providing a great online experience

With lots of products, the supermarket brands are focused mainly in the above average scores for the categories in this report, all performing very well despite their size. Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Asda and Waitrose all came in with strong overall scores with M&S just missing the above average overall group due to a below average CX score rating. 

  • This is impressive considering the large set of functionality, products and frequent updates that the supermarkets undertake.  The high usage and investment that goes on behind that are demonstrated by these results.

Android – Can’t Buy, Won’t Buy

Unfortunately, what we love also hurts us.  Google producing the free Android platform means that all the suppliers have taken the base platform, then tinkered with it a little.  This results not only in a lot of different minor variations to Android but also a plethora of devices and a massive range of screen/OS combinations. 

  • Many retailers report as many as 200+ mobile devices giving significant revenue. This leads to the dichotomy that there are more Android devices on the market, but brands frequently report more revenue coming from customers using iOS.  The survey behind this report found nearly double the number of issues on Android than iOS. 
  • Companies can potentially avoid losing millions of pounds of revenue by ensuring their mobile experience is great for all mobile devices.
  • And whilst the issue isn’t so large at Apple, there are now a host of iPhone devices – in fact from the iPhone 4S upwards, there are nine Apple mobile devices in total.

And don’t forget tablets. Developers simply don’t have the range of devices available or capability to ensure that these experiences work correctly across the multitude of devices in the market.

Focus has reduced on desktops

Retailers are focussing on mobile experience to the detriment of desktop. Desktop still accounts for the vast majority of retailer’s revenue.  However, research for this report shows that the desktop experiences are littered with conversion and CX bugs.  In fact, on average one third more CX bugs were found on desktop and 2.5x more conversion issues on desktop.

  • This lack of focus on desktop potentially costs retailers millions if not billions of pounds each year and is compounded by the poor experiences highlighted earlier on the Android platform.  In fact, many companies indicate that they want to focus on improving their mobile hit rate versus desktop rate (it often lags by 50% or more) when they could also be improving their desktop rate simultaneously.
  • Get the basics right.  A strong focus on desktop will support strong sales. Providing a great experience on Mobile is also important, be sure that testing on Android covers a wide range of devices.

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