Not conducting web testing? You'll regret it later

Posted by bugfinders on Thursday 6 April 2017

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘fix your roof while the sun is shining’, so if you don’t do software testing now you will kick yourself later! Take precautions for a happier, more secure future; don’t wait until something goes wrong, because by then it may well be too late.

This is a principle which guides the lives of many of us, and is the reason behind doing things like buying insurance, asking for deposits and saving for retirement.

But all too often in the world of software development, the need to take precautions is forgotten – roofs are routinely fixed in the middle of thunderstorms, when severe water damage hs already been done.

Importance of software testing.jpeg

That is to say, too many companies bringing new software to market don’t do software testing adequately before they do so. This leads to critical issues cropping up in the live environment, preventing these companies’ customers from buying from or interacting with them.

If you’re a brand or large Enterprise releasing a new site or app, one of your main concerns will be brand protection – a poor customer experience on your software could lead to reputational damage, which could have negative consequences for profitability.

Given that this is the case, you can’t afford to wait for your customers to notify you of bugs. By this time, the damage has already been done – hundreds, potentially thousands of your customers will have experienced a faulty sign-in system or broken links, and your reputation will have taken a hit.

If you’re an eCommerce site taking a new release to market, the consequences of not testing are arguably even more serious. If critical issues are preventing your customers from filling their shopping baskets or proceeding through the checkout, conversions will fall and you’ll already have lost who knows how many sales by the time you hear about the defects.

Relying on a strategy in which customers notify you about bugs also assumes that most users will let you know when they encounter a problem. Many, however, will simply give up on your site and move to one of your competitors. As a result, bugs could harm sales on your site for months at a time without being brought to your attention.

Choosing a reliable software testing partner before going live with your new release is the best way to avoid these problems. By having your site scrutinised rigorously and comprehensively by a team of professional crowdsourced testers you mitigate the risk of bugs doing damage to your sales and reputation.

Crowdsourced Testing companies in particular, are very adept at rooting out dangerous ‘showstopper’ bugs, using teams of hundreds of software testers to thoroughly examine a site in just a few days.

Don’t let your site become water damaged; software test it while the sun is shining.

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