How we helped quality cottages double their conversion rate

Posted by Rachel Wilson on Monday 10 September 2018


Quality Cottages uses BugFinders’ testing community to fully test their three holiday cottages websites.

Like many ecommerce organisations – Quality Cottages were struggling to understand why their potential customers weren’t converting. They were challenged with a severe lack of resource and needed to ensure their three holiday-rental websites were correctly working on all devices their visitors used.

They approached us to see how we could help and the results speak for themselves... 

We identified how we could help Quality Cottages and got our community of functional testers to scour their websites for critical, conversion and customer experience issues, many of which were hindering their conversion rate.

For the Quality Cottages ecommerce site, BugFinders deployed a team of 295 testers over the course of just three days. In this period their website was tested on 15 different Operating System variations and 441 platform variations.

We found issues over 11 browser combinations and 13 OS platforms, across 32 different device types. From this one test, we unearthed a total of 2 critical, 18 conversion and 102 CX bugs.

The results of the three tests for the Quality Cottages, Quality Unearthed & Quality Villas websites were delivered through BugFinders’ client portal, where bugs were listed in order of priority.

Quality Cottages’ development team then got to work, fixing the most business-critical issues first. Once several of the critical and conversion issues were fixed, Quality Cottages saw a staggering increase in their conversion rate.

Gareth Robinson, General Manager at Quality Cottages & Quality Unearthed, said:

“The thing I found the most impressive is the results we gained, our conversion rate has more than doubled, and we’ve already made more income in this financial year than the whole previous financial year, and we’ve still got five months to go…”

Put us to the test - Challenge BugFinders to overhaul your conversion rate.

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