How software testing will save you many sleepless nights

Posted by bugfinders on Wednesday 5 April 2017

Being an IT Leader isn't an easy job, not when hackers are coming at you from all sides trying to get their hands on your existing bugs trying to use these as loop holes to enter your existing site, that’s why having a reliable software testing company is essential. It’s especially nerve-racking because one breach can turn a company from a respectable digital business to one that looks like it protects its information with a layer of thin paper.

Here are three things keeping CTOs up at night – and a software testing solution to help them fall back asleep again:

Bring an end to ‘Push & Pray’ when going live on new web releases

Historically, technical teams have gone live with multiple bugs and issues across their digital estate – what we call ‘Push & Pray’. This impacts your brand reputation and waves the flags to hackers who are looking for weak and vulnerable websites. Ultimately this will impact online revenues and your CMO will certainly want a resolution around this.

Making sure the platform works on latest devices

Typically, organisations might test between 5-15 browsers and mobile devices. What is not realised is that customers use a much wider set of devices. In fact, to cover 80% of mobile traffic, you need to cover 152 devices, which is simply not possible in-house. How are you ensuring that your customers can access your services at all times from whatever device they happen to be using?

Ever tightening deadlines and reduced QA budget

Organisations are releasing more and more technology updates, sometimes daily or weekly - yet investment in testing is running at all-time low. Without access to an on-demand agile testing solution, there is simply no other way to find the most critical, reputation affecting issues, on all your customers’ most used devices, within your tight deadlines.

BugFinders’ Be Certain solution could be the answer to help you go back to sleep again.  Be Certain is a software testing solution to ensure all your outward facing digital properties work successfully on all leading browsers and mobile devices used by your customers. Be Certain continues to work post release and provides regular testing on all the new devices and operating systems released into the market.

This software testing solution provides you with the keys to a 55,000-strong crowd of professional testers in 145 countries, delivering fast paced multi-device testing just when it’s needed the most by you or your test team. Supporting your in-house QA team, our crowdsourced testing is available 24/7/365 days per year to work ahead of every major release and uncover all the critical issues that could hinder a successful launch.

In just 72 hours our crowdsourced testing can deliver the equivalent of 90 man-days of testing, highlighting the top critical issues that cause the platform to crash or prevent key customer journeys from being completed across all your requested devices. Post-testing, we will provide you with a detailed comprehensive project summary report, giving you peace of mind so that you know each release has been extensively tested across all of the devices and operating systems. 

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Ready to get a good night’s worth of sleep?

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