How we provide peace of mind with clean-site validation certification

Posted by Rachel.Wilson on Wednesday 24 May 2017

The short few weeks before the launch of a new platform are possibly the most stressful that a business can experience. As time runs out and the pressure mounts, it can be difficult to perform adequate software testing with just an in-house team.

Pre-release, you want to make sure the launch goes without a hitch and that there are no serious issues on the application. But how can you be certain that your website and apps work successfully on all the leading browsers and mobile devices used by your visitors, with the limited time and resource you have?

90 man-days of software testing in just 72 hours

Recognising these challenges that a lot of IT leaders face, BugFinders have developed a crowdsourced, pre-release, clean-site validation solution. Ultimately, what this means is you get access to thousands of qualified testers. They perform comprehensive software testing that ensures complete functionality across hundreds of devices. Upon the testing project completion, you'll receive access to the project dashboard and a certificate to confirm that the site has been tested and is working perfectly, leaving you to enjoy a successful launch.


The Portal Dashboard

Once discovered by our global testing community, all issues are reported, in real-time, through the BugFinders portal. The portal offers comprehensive reporting for your testing projects and it integrates fully with JIRA and other bug-tracking tools, allowing development teams to quickly pick up any fixes.


All Critical, Conversion and Customer Experience issues are defined in individual areas and your team can also see when the last test was performed. They can see how many issues were raised on the last test project and also assess the severity of a bug and whether it needs to be urgently fixed. Filters allow the team to focus only on areas they are keen to improve and granular detail is provided on every issue. The portal also provides a summary of the full coverage of each test project; showing the number of testers used, how long they spent testing and of course how many devices were covered in the cycle.


The Clean-site Validation Certificate

To provide increased peace of mind for the technical team and the CTO, BugFinders also produces a Clean-site Validation Certificate to show that the website or app has been tested on hundreds of different devices. This allows the technical team to show the rest of the business that the site has been extensively tested and virtually all bases have been covered in ensuring a smooth launch.


The BugFinders Pre-release Test solution is the answer to every frazzled IT leader's prayers. In just 72 hours, we can provide a full suite of software tests.

Learn more, download the Solution Sheet.

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