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Guarantee software quality in health & fitness app space

Posted by Rachel.Wilson on Thursday 25 August 2016

The Health & Fitness category now features in the top ten most popular categories in the App Store before Music and Food & Drink, therefore software testing is imperative for these enterprises.

Since its inception in 2011, the industry of Health & Fitness apps is growing at an astounding rate. Industry growth can be attributed to a number of motivations; from the recent socio focus on health, fitness and wellness to the phenomenal amount of innovation in the app and wearables software space. And what’s more, with the integration of social and the fact that these applications are being designed for daily use, high-quality Health & Fitness apps are acquiring a cult-like following.

Fitness apps & software testing.jpeg

But it’s not all just for fitness fanatics, the industry has taken a steer towards general wellness as well. More recently, new apps have been released that help with mental health as well as apps that monitor the heart, eyes & skin.

With the increase in competition and tech innovation, app vendors need to make sure they are contributing a superior offering and an excellent customer experience, all whilst keeping up with the fast-moving developments of the Health & Fitness industry. Adoption is in part based on software quality:

  • A great core functionality,
  • An enjoyable and intuitive experience,
  • Being able to get data on the move,
  • A quick load time,
  • Secure data.

 But guaranteeing software quality in line with your users’ needs is tough. Innovation affecting mobile apps, devices, operating systems and wearables is creating an environment in which small teams of internal, full-time software testers and developers are finding it hard to adequately update their skills on a frequent enough basis.

The fast-paced and unpredictable nature of change in tech is causing organisations to seek out new sources to meet the challenges of software development. Crowdsourced Software Testing is one such source, enabling Health & Fitness app vendors to take high-quality software to market, regardless of how many new platforms it must be compatible with.

In just 5 steps Bugfinders can help you to better your software testing in no time.

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