BugFinders is changing its name to Digivante

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 12 February 2019


Change is often shrouded in mystery and anticipation as new challenges present themselves. However, change is needed as industries grow and, new methods are introduced and the world moves on. 

Why is this important? Because we are changing. On February 13th, the era of BugFinders is on its way out and replacing it is the era of Digivante.

There are lots of good reasons for us to change our name, in a nutshell, we have grown rapidly over the last few years and with some very exciting new developments wanted a name that better reflected the value we offer and the breadth of services we provide.

You may be thinking – ‘but I liked the name BugFinders’… and so did we, which is why we are going to keep this name for our community of 55,000 testers – so it’s not disappearing.

So, what is changing?

As I mentioned, our name is changing to Digivante – we are complementing this with the message ‘Maximising Digital Performance’. A big part of our current work, is not just about finding bugs (although this is still the beating heart of our business), but it is about demonstrating genuine business improvements and results through our services, this is where the ‘Maximising Digital Performance’ comes in.

To reflect this, our new site (which is coming soon) – will show the array of services and solutions we offer, ranging from our core Functional Testing, through to our newer Digital Revenue Calculator which not only shows you where you might be losing revenue through conversion issues, but tells you the revenue you could gain from making changes to underperforming browsers / devices.

And why is the name changing?

As we have grown it has become apparent that whilst our name was good for our community, it didn’t reflect the way we now deliver our business. What we do is becoming increasingly more intrinsic to our customers digital strategy:

  • - delivering consistent reliable regression testing at rapidly increasing speed,
  • - helping customers launch and maintain their websites, apps and software,
  • - doubling conversion rates and helping to increase revenues.

Essentially, our customers are engaging regularly with us and want a business partner, not a one-off test provider (although we still help lots of businesses who need this). It wasn’t an easy decision for us, but it is one we are all very excited to share with the world.

There you have it.  We are going to be Digivante – and we hope you will join us for the journey.

Digivante looks forward to seeing you on the other side.

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