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BugFinders, the Crowdsourced Testing Company, opens US office

Posted by Rachel.Wilson on Monday 18 July 2016

BugFinders, the leading Crowdsourced Testing company for enterprise organisations, today announced its latest U.S. expansion plans, marked by the opening of a new office in New York on 1st August.  The New York office, which will initially focus on driving customer sales within the region, will support a 15% percent increase to the company's U.S. workforce by the end of 2016.

"Since establishing a U.S presence more than four years ago, BugFinders has enjoyed a tremendous growth trajectory within the U.S stemming from the increasing demand for testing and agile Crowdsourced offerings that all businesses are expected to do when going to launch a new website or app," said Martin Mudge, CTO and Co-Founder of BugFinders.

Mudge further went onto say, "Our unparalleled offerings fit an otherwise unmet need for businesses wishing to seek a TRUE Crowdsourced Testing solution and provider. Opening a U.S. office to serve our customers’ needs was a natural step in our evolution to continue to grow our U.S. business model."

BugFinders strategically evaluated several U.S. cities for its continued market expansion, but ultimately selected New York because of its growing technology industry, which is arguably outpacing Silicon Valley. New York’s reputation as a hub of innovation is key to the move here and currently holds a very strong pool of local talent, enabling BugFinders to harness this.

With the opening of the New York office, the company will create many additional jobs this year in positions ranging from Account Executives to Business Development Managers.  Scheduled to open on 1st August, the BugFinders US office will initially be based in Manhattan’s Broad Street.

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About BugFinders

Donna and Martin started BugFinders in 2012 with a clear passion to ensure companies had the testing that they need – finding business critical bugs in web and mobile software as quickly as possible, in an easy to use format.

Martin was a consultant in a multi-national telecom operator and discovered that the old world of testing wasn’t working. Testing was slow, didn’t cover a wide variety of platforms and testers who lived with the site/app over time didn’t spot issues.

Donna worked in IT services and was frustrated that testing didn’t deal with the UX level and that organisations didn’t have a feed in from customers enabling them to improve their experience.

Together they sought to capture, harness and co-ordinate the wisdom of the crowd in a proposition to suit businesses both large and small, enabling them to deliver better products for their customers.

Crowdsourced Testing is one thing, however BugFinders provides TRUE crowd-delivered testing which enables BugFinders to re-test and validate Bugs discovered by the crowd.  This has propositioned BugFinders as one of the leading organisations in the world with a team of  55,000 + professional testers, covering 145 countries.

Working with Donna and Martin, the BugFinders team are committed to their customers – their values focus on the customer and ensuring that they have the delivery they need.

BugFinders is a privately owned organisation with offices in the UK as well as the U.S, of which the majority of their clients operate on a global scale.