Are you ready to see sales drop after re-platforming?

Posted by Amy Montague on Friday 23 November 2018


So, you’ve decided to re-platform and the changes are already underway. Most likely you have chosen an external digital agency to undergo the whole process while you wait to reap in the benefits. But is it all sunshine and rainbows at the end of it all?

Don’t get us wrong, we love re-platforming. It’s a great way for websites to get a fresh start or to stay ahead of the digital movement by adding on more functions, bridging the gap between them and us. However your company, just like many others, is not immune to mistakes and problems that can reduce your revenue and possibly lose you many loyal users.

Recently, M&S underwent a huge re-platforming process costing them a heart wrenching £150 million. But why did it cost so much? The extra costs actually came in after the re-platforming launch. With so many changes made, the entire website was now full of functional issues stopping users from performing basic conversions and making basic users journeys confusing. Thousands of fixes had to be made while the website was live, and this is where the big bucks were spent.  

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Round about now you might be thinking, this definitely won’t happen to me. My re-platforming agency is world renowned and highly recommended. But you are wrong. Where M&S and many other companies go wrong is at the last hurdle. I’ll give you an example to help you understand how it all can go wrong.


Imagine this 

You are flying 13,000 feet in the air ready to jump out of a plane and parachute your way down back to Earth, but just before you jump you are given two options. Number one, choose the parachute that has been tested and given the seal of approval, or choose option number two the parachute that has never been tested and hasn't undergone quality assurance. Naturally, you will choose option number one, after all it’s got a seal of approval, and you can rest assure that you won’t uncontrollably plummet to Earth.


Now apply this example to your website. Your re-platforming has finished and you are all ready to go, but nothing has been tested. Sure, it all appears to be okay but what happens when it goes live, and you jump out the airplane. How can you be sure that nothing has gone wrong? One small wire in the wrong place can completely ruin your re-platforming and cost you thousands of pounds, as customers chose to shop elsewhere and conversions aren’t completed. You need to take into account stress testing, usability, page redirects, along with a plethora of other key components which can reduce your sales and provide a negative user experience. 


What can testing actually do?

Testing encompasses 10 key areas that re-platforming agencies simply cannot cover, either due to time or resources. From localisation to cross device examination, without testing you cannot be sure that these areas have ben perfected or even included in your re-platforming process,  

what does testing examine

Testing your website during and after the re-platforming process can save you thousands if not millions of pounds of extra revenue every month. After all you want your re-platforming to begin with a bang and stay ahead of the competition. 

Instead, get the testing specialists in. A specialist with a community of testers across the globe, can ensure your new platform will be tested across all devices and browsers within a short time period. Choosing a testing specialist who has a portal, means your developers can see where issues lay, how critical they are and which browsers are being used the most. This not only helps your re-platforming now but also gives you a more in depth representation of your buyer persona, which you can utilise in future marketing and sales projects. 

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