Apple Apps are Crashing. Lacking Software Testing?

Posted by bugfinders on Thursday 15 December 2016

Apple's core values

What are Apple's core values?

Apple and software testingYou can find what Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) has defined as Apple's core values by searching “Apple Core Values” on Google. You will see the first core value is “We believe that we're on the face of the Earth to make great products”.

By great, we understand this to mean top quality. And we think you’d agree. High-quality product delivery and service have certainly helped Apple to achieve the rapid growth they have seen over the past few years. Broadly they have lived up to it as some iPhones over the years have not only proved to be reliable and well-built but they also work well.

Imagine the amount of time Apple must invest in software testing on their mobile apps. But something has happened over the last few months with their phone product apps as they are crashing and it is impacting their loyal customers.

Therefore, we are left wondering – has Apple lost its core values?  If so, why?

Is it simply a lack of Software Testing being performed by Apple?

New Product Push

Apple has released a product roadmap for 2017. Apple wants to be everywhere.  When they started, it was Music + Phones, and now they are diversifying into Smart Home, Smart Car, Apple Pay, Apple Health, Apple TV, iWatch and who knows what else.  To this effect, there is somewhat of a distraction.

All this stuff must be confusing the internal team – complex IoT testing, lots more products – and with this, it’s not like we have seen them doing a big push on recruiting testers to perform software testing.

Declining sales

Plummeting iPhone sales saw Apple’s revenue and profits fall for the second successive quarter. That is not only having a direct knock on revenue but also causing issues within the supply chain with suppliers not getting the volumes that they previously expected.

The worsening economic picture, combined with the additional demands on the test team, must be pulling them to stretching point.  The dev team must be hearing it too.

Leadership change

Not that this should have resulted in any direct impact, but what if Jobs meticulous drive for quality has led Apple to work towards an ‘acceptable’ level of quality rather than a supreme level?

What does that mean for Apple?

Well for one, iPhone users aren’t going to desert their iPhone, but they are frustrating loyal customers.

Apple needs to work smarter; fewer products, reinvestment in quality and a focus on what they do best would be our suggestion.

In fact, since writing this article, Apple have announced that they are now dropping their plans for an autonomous vehicle (the iCar?), so perhaps they are starting to realise this and work on a turnaround?

Remember Apple; we want a sweet experience, not bitter!

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