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8 Reasons why software testing is important

Posted by bugfinders on Thursday 04 August 2016

Many organisations find that in order to release high-quality apps and websites, comprehensive software testing must be carried out.  Traditional software testing models are no longer the way forward for enterprise businesses. In the past decade we have seen many businesses increase the number of app and website releases on a monthly basis.

The contemporary crowdsourced testing model allows you to have all the control as you would if you had your own internal test team and does this while increasing the test coverage.

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See our top 8 reasons below on why we think the crowdsourced testing approach is the best fit for enterprise and small businesses:


Utilising crowdsourced software testing allows you to be completely scalable with your releases.

The crowdsourced testing model can offer much more than just simply Usability and Functional Testing with a high grade of testers on one project. Our model allows us to perform concurrent software testing across Security, Localisation, Lifestyle. Accessibility.


The devices, platforms and OS’s covered with Crowdsourced Testing is considerably higher than when using an internal Testing team.  For example, a typical tester will be most effective when testing on no more than 3 devices. An internal test team of 4 people will be able to effectively cover 12 devices, however our test teams of over 300 professional testers can cover around 1000 devices. Additionally, TRUE means we can Test then Re-test the issues found in an Ultra-fast and Extensive environment; taking typically no longer than a few days to run a cycle of testing.


Companies with internal test teams or even companies that have a requirement for testing, understand that to deliver testing effectively, a mix of testing resources is required.

Test managers or interim consultants define the strategy, scope and approach for testing, whilst test engineers develop test scripts and execute the testing.

In a large enterprise organisation a team of 4 will cost typically around £250k per year. In a smaller business, if there is a testing requirement and the project overruns, you could have the external testing resource ‘sat-on-the-bench’, costing the business if the development project has overrun.

With the crowdsourced testing model, the project is simply scheduled and booked in advance, then the crowd are ready to be deployed once development has taken place.


We can now additionally provide Automated Software Testing which can be deployed on its own, or alongside our crowdsourced testing model.  Considering testing best practice, Automation is a great addition to the crowdsourced software testing model as it allows you to ensure that any new releases post the initial testing are clean, fresh and have as few bugs as possible.


If your website or app does not work in “the correct way”, on the devices or browsers your customers use, customers could make a lawsuit, especially if transactional based or they are not able to access vital documentation. You must be compliant with any industry governance that applies to you, such as Ofcom, the Financial Conduct Authority WCAG 2.0. 

Are you compliant with the WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines?


We offer agile software testing which is deployable within an hour of setting up an account with us. No other virtual test team can perform such results on a global scale like the crowdsourced testing model.  For example, with BugFinders, 80% of testing is done within 18 hours of launch and priority projects can be delivered in 24 hours.  Our standard testing model has structured pricing, however, we can provide bespoke pricing on custom projects and volume orders including on-site Test Management support. To add to this, we have no VC funding, therefore we can be more flexible on pricing.


With our crowdsourced testing approach you are not left in limbo with a portal interface and no one to talk to. Throughout the process, you are led by an experienced Solutions Consultant and dedicated Project Manager who will advise the best combinations of our crowdsourced testing options based on your specific requirements.


Do you trust your developers 110%? If you can answer that confidently, then great!

However, your credibility as a member of the testing team or Head of Test is in the hands of your internal test team. Can you really put the reputation of your job and organisation in the hands of 5 to 20 people?  With crowdsourced testing you are giving your internal test team the seal of approval and credibility from a larger certified crowd.

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