6 Ways Digital Agencies Can Win and Retain Business

Posted by Gavin Everitt on Wednesday 1 August 2018
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A crowded marketplace and clients that are increasingly sophisticated in their digital procurement habits have meant that while agencies may be as creative as ever, simply being full of good ideas and fluent in html is no longer a strong enough pitch. It is, perhaps, harder than ever for digital agencies to win and retain business.

What do clients really want from agencies?

They want websites that not only look great and excite the end user but that work correctly, too. At a time when mobile is outstripping desktop in terms of global internet traffic and the mobile device market is expanding at a phenomenal rate, this is easier said than done.

Here are 6 ways to convince clients that you have what it takes to create a stunning, flawless website or app.

1. Don’t just test the happy path

You take the brief, build the journey and then development or Project Managers test the journey – what could go wrong? Maybe you even automate the testing of that journey.

"It is impossible to make anything foolproof, because fools are so ingenious."

This is one of my favourite quotes, as consumers or personas, we don’t follow linear paths, we get distracted, we apply ‘personal logic’ in our journeys.

We know, that only through applying humans (and many of them) to testing, you uncover those ‘edge’ cases, those human-nature bugs that can really impact conversion.

2. Make sure it works

Sounds obvious right? We encounter broken websites every day. Hundreds of new Smartphones and tablets have already been brought to market in 2018, while older devices continue to be used worldwide.

To retain business, your site needs to work on all of them, which means getting rid of a multitude of strange, unforeseen bugs. The best and easiest way to ensure this is to comprehensively test your product on as many devices as possible – with limited resources and time, this is a problem we encounter regularly.

Unless you have a huge internal testing resource, the only realistic option is to find a partner who can deal with this scale.

3. Remain flexible

As an agency, you know better than anyone that requirements can change late in the day and all the hard work you’ve done on a site, including ensuring that it functions correctly, can potentially be put at risk.

If you’re making last minute design changes, you need to react quickly and scrutinise everything for bugs in a way that doesn’t impact on your deadline.

4. Hand it over by the deadline

Just because clients want more from agencies doesn’t mean they want it any less quickly.

Timescales have not expanded to allow for the fact that sites are now expected to work on every browser and operating system from IE8 to iOS 11 and include the latest devices.

Test your products thoroughly but do it quickly.

5. Demonstrate that it works

There’s no point putting in a load of effort to create a high-quality website and then letting your hard work go unappreciated. Choose a testing partner that provides detailed test-exit documentation as part of their service. This will enable you to demonstrate due diligence to your client, which will help you retain their business. It may also bolster your reputation as a hard working, conscientious agency and win you new business, too.

6. Factor testing into your pricing

As with development, testing can come up against unforeseen problems and delays, which can increase its cost. You don’t want to pass inflated testing costs on to your client (and you certainly don’t want to shoulder them!), so find a partner that offers a fixed price from the outset. You can then build that cost into your pricing and emphasise the value testing will add in your pitch.

This demonstrates due diligence from the outset and will help you win new business. Assuring clients that your production not only looks great, but works perfectly as well.


What next?

There you have it. Make sure you implement these 6 tactics, and clients are sure to sit up and take notice. Standard testing methodologies are increasingly not up to the task of achieving effective testing on a growing range of devices, and if you choose to work with a small, traditional test teams you risk handing buggy sites and apps back to your clients.

More and more, progressive agencies are choosing to work with crowdsourced testing partners like BugFinders. By harnessing the talents of thousands of professional software testers worldwide, crowdsourcing can perform extremely effective testing of sites and apps in very short spaces of time – often, in just a few days. Hundreds of testers working on a site simultaneously means that very broad device coverage is achieved, ensuring that clients’ requirements are met.

Challenge BugFinders  to deliver your testing

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