5 Top tips to increase revenue

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 20 November 2018


Your website is the online face of your brand and whether you're updating, maintaining or re-launching your site, your main focus should be to provide a secure and easy user experience. Here are 5 top tips on how to increase revenue through your website. 

An effective website can create leads, increase conversions and boost revenue, so creating a seamless user experience without any problems should be a no brainer. 


As more devices are released, online technology advances and social media has become the online complaint centre of the world. many businesses put web testing and site updates to the back of their mind, creating problems for developers and internal teams. 

At this point you may be thinking "my website is perfect and my users are digitally satisfied", but unfortunately you are wrong! Even if your brand is one of the global leaders it doesn't mean that your website is the best and you are ignoring conversion problems. Meaning you are missing out on potential revenue. 

5 Top tips

Here are 5 top tips that will help you increase revenue in 2018/2019

  • 1) Check your security:  With over 100 different payment methods providing your customers with a secure payment process across all devices can be a large task. However, a recent study shows that 51% of consumers did not purchase from sites on mobile devices which they did not feel comfortable inputting their payment details. Ensuring passwords, authentication, cookies and confidentiality are implemented and tested thoroughly will increase your sales.
  • 2) Are you localised? Brands who have a large global demographic need to be aware of the thousands of devices, browsers and payment methods that their users adopt to perform conversions, leads and sales. Every user wants to feel like their clicked on site is catered towards them and maintaining your localised user base will reflect that. Ensuring languages have been correctly translated, time zones, postcodes, currency, pricing and taxation are all correct will create a loyal global user base. 
  • 3) Use web testing  A worrying amount of businesses leave large scale testing up to their developers or inhouse testers. Why is this worrying? Browser blindness, lack of time and resources, and website bias often means many of your sites bugs and issues get pushed under the rug and forgotten. Performing out of house annual website tests with a community focused testing group will iron out any issues your site has which AI can't pick up. Problems with contrast, broken links and cart issues are some of the issues reducing your revenue.
  • 4) How many platforms?!?!? Do you know how many different devices there are? There are 3.5 billion active smart phones worldwide, with android taking up 75% of the overall number, In fact, more technological sales have been made in 2018 than clothing sales, and with hundreds of different brands and browsers how can you ensure you site is being optimised across all platforms? Analysing the platforms and browsers which produce the most amount of traffic and erasing any layout issues, will help you begin to understand and optimise your website and revenue. 
  • 5) Are you stressed? Ready for the holiday season? Whether you've bought all your presents or have saved up for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it's very likely that your site will not be as prepared as you. Increases in traffic and large amounts of payment processes will uncover the weak sites from the strong, and you don't want your site to be the one that crashed in 2018. Here are the infamous website crashes from 2017s Black Friday. 
  • 5 top tips to

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