Here comes the Black Friday Frenzy, is your site ecommerce ready?

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 23 October 2018


As Black Friday quickly approaches, it marks the start of the holiday shopping season and endless opportunities for ecommerce sites to advertise tempting promotions for sales-hungry customers.

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Why providing a quality digital experience matters

Posted by Gavin Everitt on Tuesday 16 October 2018


Delivering high-quality projects when competing against an ever-expanding digital landscape.

Data from the Office of National Statistics showed that by 2018, 95% of UK adults will be internet usersThis new audience will be using ground-breaking devices complete with innovative software that’s constantly evolving to deliver innovative digital experiences across an array of platforms. 

On top of this, 75% of major businesses are planning to switch ecommerce platforms within 12-18 months (Salmon, 2017).

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Why BugFinders is considered part of the ecommerce strategy at Web-Blinds

Posted by Stephen Daniels on Wednesday 3 October 2018

Who did we work with?

Web-Blinds is the trading name of Hillarys, a manufacturer and retailer of made-to-measure window blinds, shutters, curtains and awnings.

What was the aim?

A new website was built to improve the UX across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices whilst the open-source Magento eCommerce platform was upgraded from version 1.1 to 1.4. UX was paramount to the success of the new website, which was seen as the fulcrum of the company’s digital transformation. Fluctuating website launch dates created a need for rapid, thorough UX testing on a large scale at short notice across all devices. 

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How we helped quality cottages double their conversion rate

Posted by Rachel Wilson on Monday 10 September 2018


Quality Cottages uses BugFinders’ testing community to fully test their three holiday cottages websites.

Like many ecommerce organisations – Quality Cottages were struggling to understand why their potential customers weren’t converting. They were challenged with a severe lack of resource and needed to ensure their three holiday-rental websites were correctly working on all devices their visitors used.

They approached us to see how we could help and the results speak for themselves... 

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Move your web and app testing strategy out of the dark ages

Posted by Dan Berry on Wednesday 15 August 2018


Many hundreds of years ago – smacking a hammer against a tablet to check its integrity, might have been enough. Since then, tablets have become slightly more complicated.

By adhering to our five web testing strategy principles, we believe you can implement a web testing strategy that is effective, thorough and fast. Helping you revolutionise your web testing strategy and take it out of the dark ages.

#1 Beware of browser blindness

#2 Don’t let testers use vanilla devices

#3 Embrace scale and speed

#4 Consider quality over quantity

#5 Conduct regular testing after launch

You are reading this blog – so I am guessing it might feature on your list – but this is a sentiment I am sure you can appreciate.

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6 Ways Digital Agencies Can Win and Retain Business

Posted by Gavin Everitt on Wednesday 1 August 2018


A crowded marketplace and clients that are increasingly sophisticated in their digital procurement habits have meant that while agencies may be as creative as ever, simply being full of good ideas and fluent in html is no longer a strong enough pitch. It is, perhaps, harder than ever for digital agencies to win and retain business.

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Key Findings from our Website Wars Report

Posted by Dan Berry on Tuesday 24 July 2018

The UK's leading high-street based e-commerce companies were selected for our Website Wars 2018 report. The brands include the leading players in fashion, hardware and food retail.

Our report was painstakingly generated with the BugFinders global testing community and has a simple structure based upon 3 simple questions:

  • What critical issues are on the site or app?
    What conversion issues are on the site or app?
    What customer experience issues are on the site or app?
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Which retail brands are struggling with website issues?

Posted by Dan Berry on Thursday 19 July 2018


In our recent report 'Website Wars 2018 - Web & Mobile Conversion Quality Index' we took the top 50 retail brands and checked their sites for issues, below are some of our findings – download the full report to see the whole story or take a look at the preview of the report on our SlideShare.

There were some clear winners amongst the 50 retailers we checked - proving they are aware of the importance of providing for their customers and know that happy customers = exceptional conversions.

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