Mobile rules the world

Posted by Amy Montague on Wednesday 14 November 2018


Mobiles rule the world with 3.5 billion active smart phones worldwide. Take that statistic in, 3.5 billion. That’s the same number as just under half of the global population and the market has only been around for 20 or so years. Breaking this number down, 1.3 billion or 25% of the market is run by the Apple operating system with the remaining 75% being android. In fact, smartphones and tablets have dominated the technology market with a sales of 68 million during 2006 to a massive 1, 729 million per year in 2016.

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Is your website giving you bad publicity?

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 13 November 2018


Online publicity dominates. From small boutique businesses to conglomerates, without an online presence your brand basically doesn’t exist. Online interactions provide more opportunities to build connections with customers and communicate on many different levels.

Used accordingly, the online world can propel your sales and user retention. However, if you fail to monitor and engage with your customers, things can get messy and unfortunately, your customers are starting to talk back.

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A team of 440+ testers investigate Strawberry Soup's site issues

Posted by Amy Montague on Monday 12 November 2018

Who did we work with?

Strawberry Soup is a digital marketing agency specialising in branding, strategy and planning, website design and development and app creation. Previous clients include M&S, The Body Shop and Pearson.

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3 ways to avoid being blacklisted on Black Friday

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 30 October 2018

As the holiday season begins, Black Friday signifies the start of the ecommerce spike. With more customers choosing to do their shopping online, website bugs and conversion issues can result in missed sales opportunities, and customers crossing out your brand on their holiday shopping list.

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Here comes the Black Friday Frenzy, is your site ecommerce ready?

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 23 October 2018


As Black Friday quickly approaches, it marks the start of the holiday shopping season and endless opportunities for ecommerce sites to advertise tempting promotions for sales-hungry customers.

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Why providing a quality digital experience matters

Posted by Gavin Everitt on Tuesday 16 October 2018


Delivering high-quality projects when competing against an ever-expanding digital landscape.

Data from the Office of National Statistics showed that by 2018, 95% of UK adults will be internet usersThis new audience will be using ground-breaking devices complete with innovative software that’s constantly evolving to deliver innovative digital experiences across an array of platforms. 

On top of this, 75% of major businesses are planning to switch ecommerce platforms within 12-18 months (Salmon, 2017).

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Why BugFinders is considered part of the ecommerce strategy at Web-Blinds

Posted by Stephen Daniels on Wednesday 3 October 2018

Who did we work with?

Web-Blinds is the trading name of Hillarys, a manufacturer and retailer of made-to-measure window blinds, shutters, curtains and awnings.

What was the aim?

A new website was built to improve the UX across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices whilst the open-source Magento eCommerce platform was upgraded from version 1.1 to 1.4. UX was paramount to the success of the new website, which was seen as the fulcrum of the company’s digital transformation. Fluctuating website launch dates created a need for rapid, thorough UX testing on a large scale at short notice across all devices. 

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How we helped quality cottages double their conversion rate

Posted by Rachel Wilson on Monday 10 September 2018


Quality Cottages uses BugFinders’ testing community to fully test their three holiday cottages websites.

Like many ecommerce organisations – Quality Cottages were struggling to understand why their potential customers weren’t converting. They were challenged with a severe lack of resource and needed to ensure their three holiday-rental websites were correctly working on all devices their visitors used.

They approached us to see how we could help and the results speak for themselves... 

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