Why aren't your customers converting?

Posted by Amy Montague on Wednesday 23 January 2019


In an ideal world every visitor to your website would either buy a product or provide personal information to then be used for marketing purposes. However, in the real-world this is never the case and abandonment rates stay high across all industries.

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3 ways to ensure global website dominance

Posted by Amy Montague on Monday 21 January 2019


For growing brands wanting to expand past their native boarders and brand giants looking to develop and create immersive experiences for their worldwide audience, localisation is the term on everyone’s tongue.

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Are you launching a new site?

Posted by Amy Montague on Friday 18 January 2019


Your website is set to launch within a few weeks and as the days count down excitement builds within your business. Just one more thing to do, make sure everything works.  

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How to rise from the ashes of 2018's sales fall

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 15 January 2019


2018’s seasonal sales failed to hit their forecasted targets as consumer concerns coupled with unsatisfactory online experiences led to an underwhelming year for many retail businesses.

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You've been hacked

Posted by Amy Montague on Thursday 10 January 2019


Data breaches have steadily risen since January 2017, with almost 90% of ecommerce logins coming from hackers using stolen data. Many of these breaches have occurred due to holes in payment methods, which could have easily been prevented.

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A customer view: The truth about web testing

Posted by Amy Montague on Tuesday 8 January 2019


Web testing is at the bottom of all ecommerce managers and head of developments lists. Most of the time we just want to ignore complexities and just see the benefits. So here we are, as told by our customers, 5 of the biggest benefits of web testing:

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Physical travel stores are dying and digital is taking over

Posted by Amy Montague on Monday 7 January 2019


Within the last 50 years, the way we work and play has dramatically changed, and this is exceptionally true for the travel industry. From hotel deals and flights to once in a life time excursions, every single part of the travel industry is evolving. For travel managers and directors sticking their heads in the sand, hoping it will go away, time is ticking till their brand will eventually disappear. 

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Feeling Abandoned?

Posted by Amy Montague on Friday 4 January 2019


During 2018, 75% of shoppers abandoned their shopping carts with 52.3% of all abandonments happening on mobile devices. But why are your customers so willing to abandon their carts?

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